Transition Team and Race Team

Transition Team

The Spokane Nordic Transition Team is an opportunity for junior skiers age 8 and above who have at least three seasons in Nordic Kids (or equivalent cross-country skiing experience) to transition into more technical, and optionally competitive skiing that can lead to the Racing Team.

Throughout the winter, the team will meet two to three days a week, primarily Saturdays and Sundays on Mt. Spokane, but also in town, if snow conditions permit. Transition Team prepares skiers for racing, but does not require skiers to race.  Optional racing competitions include some weekend races on Mount Spokane, and at other Pacific Northwest locations that require additional travel costs to attend.
Invitation is open to skiers whose ability levels are already a bit beyond novice and up through junior experts. The Spokane Nordic Transition Team is looking for athletes who like to have fun on the snow while improving their skiing technique.  For novice/beginning skiers Nordic Kids is the better option for this age group, with the knowledge that Transition Team will still be there for your skier next year.


Cost: $450 (Saturdays-only or Sundays-only option is $300)

For further info or questions about Transition Team, contact Chris Sharman at or (509) 230-5951

Race Team

The Race Team is intended for athletes aged 13 and up who are interested in learning classic and skate technique and competing in area races. 

The team meets 2-5 days per week October through mid-March, primarily on Mt. Spokane, but also in town, if weather permits. Competitions are primarily on weekends and traveling is required to race competitively.

Invitation is open to all ability levels from novice to junior experts and all are welcome with one caveat. Team Spokane is looking for committed athletes with the willingness to work as well as ski.


Cost: $1,000

For more information on racing opportunities contact George Bryant, Racing Team Coach, at or (509) 795-9876.


See the registration page for full instructions.