Gift Certificates

Give the gift of better skiing, training, and camaraderie




Want to share your love of skiing? A gift certificate for an adult lesson or 2, or for Masters Ski Program (MSP) registration, just may be the perfect way! And because membership is needed to register for lessons or the Masters Ski Program, you can get a gift certificate for membership, too! How cool is that?


  1. For each gift certificate you want to purchase (Adult Lessons, MSP or Membership), go to that registration page (via the pages reached by the links below)

  2. On that page, start by entering your personal information at the top. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE THAT PAGE'S REGISTRATION ITEM FOR YOURSELF, although you can if you wish.

  3. Once you have filled in your personal information, scroll down the page to the gift certificate section. There, you will find instructions on entering the amount of the gift certificate.

  4. Fill out the payment information and submit.


And that's it!

A gift certificate code will be emailed to your lucky friend and a receipt will land in your inbox. It will point them to the page of the item you've gifted them. The gift certificate will only be valid for its intended purchase. So for example, an adult lesson gift certificate will arrive in your friend's inbox with a link to the adult lesson registration page, and the coupon code will only work for an adult lesson.

If you have any questions or problems purchasing or using the gift certificate, email