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Membership is your primary way to support Spokane Nordic Ski Association, and is required in order to register for adult or child lessons or race teams. Join or renew on line now!

If you wish to give beyond or instead of a membership, you can give online or mail your donation to:

Spokane Nordic
P.O. Box 501
Spokane, WA 99210

Each event has its own options to volunteer. Check out Trail Days, the Champions dinner, Winterfest, the Mt. Spokane Nordic Cup JNQ, the BarkerBeiner and the SN Challenge Loppet.

If you prefer to join or renew via a paper application, download the form below, print it out, and mail it with your payment to
Spokane Nordic
P.O. Box 501
Spokane, WA 99210
*Please note registration for events and programs can only be done online.

Not ready to join yet?

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5 Reasons to Support Spokane Nordic


As the number of non-skiing users grows on the mountain, it’s more and more important to have a strong and unified voice as Nordic skiers. State Parks looks to Spokane Nordic to represent the needs and desires of Nordic skiers. We need to make sure Nordic skiing's priorities are clear.


Your volunteer Spokane Nordic board is working hard to build on its strong relationship with Parks staff, at both the local and state level, that has served skiers and the Nordic trails so well for decades.



Remember the days of dialing and redialing the grooming hotline? No one misses that.


The online grooming report, webcam and conditions report – plus the grooming report on the TV in the Selkirk Lodge – are provided and funded by Spokane Nordic. These 3 web pages are the most-visited pages on the Spokane Nordic site.



Ever planned your route at the main trailhead map, or checked it at a junction map, or pulled out a pocket trail map along the way? Spokane Nordic paid for those.


Spokane Nordic also pays for the summer trail clearing equipment, maintenance and gas that make smooth skiing possible. (And volunteers do the clearing work.) Firewood in the Selkirk Lodge, Nova Hut and Tripps Knob warming hut is cut and split with Spokane Nordic equipment by Spokane Nordic volunteers.



We've all come to rely on up-to-date information that’s easy to access, whether that’s through the website, emails, Facebook, printed information or community media contact.


Spokane Nordic has grown. We’ve added six new programs to our organization within the last six years, including Adaptive, adult lessons, Nordic Rangers, skijoring, the Masters Ski Team and the Cross-Train Ski Team. Skiers count on reliable information, easy registration and timely communication.


We used to be able to rely solely on our generous volunteers, but times have changed, and growth management comes with a cost.


The information and communication we’ve all come to depend on is provided by Spokane Nordic. Communications, member management, marketing, website and event/program registration are contracted out to Brad Thiessen of Flipjacket Inc. His work comes at a reasonable rate, but it’s still a sizeable portion of our budget.


In our annual surveys over the past six years, skiers have consistently raised community as one of the most meaningful parts of the Mt. Spokane Nordic skiing experience.


The folks who make up Spokane Nordic play a key role in building community on the mountain, whether that’s through weekly 2-minute updates and Facebook posts, the Winterfest meal and $5 lessons, the Banff Film Festival bake sale, the Nordic Kids Olympics, or the Spokane Nordic Challenge Loppet, to name just a few.


We ski together, we visit on the trail, we volunteer together, we celebrate together.

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