Nordic Rangers


Winter self-sufficiency skills for ages 10-15
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Step 1: Complete the Nordic Rangers registration form. If you are not already a member or have not renewed yet this season, it will prompt you to join or renew. Registration runs October 15 - December 15.
Step 2: Read through all the info below, get your supplies and clothes, and get ready to HAVE FUN!

Nordic Rangers, a program for kids 10-18 years old, is a next step for those who are looking to learn self-sufficiency in the outdoors. The course is divided into two levels:

  • Rangers in Training (RIT) for 10-15 year olds

  • Spokane Nordic Rangers certification* for 16-18 year olds

*Spokane Nordic Rangers certification will not be offered this year
Rangers in Training

Working through active scenario training, Ranger students will work to build knowledge and practical experience in all-mountain skiing, focusing on five main areas:

  • First Aid

  • Search & Rescue

  • Navigation

  • Snow Science & shelter

  • Nordic skiing techniques (on and off groomed trails)

Spokane Nordic Rangers certification

A Spokane Nordic Ranger’s responsibility will include assisting in monitoring the ski trail system and special events for safety, providing information to skiers, and assisting with Rangers in Training 1 & 2 courses, plus other duties as needed.

Prerequisites and details

Because the courses are taught through active scenarios with extensive skiing, a moderate to advanced level of skill in Classic Nordic skiing is required. 


Parents, Grandparents and Guardians are absolutely needed to assist in the active scenario training and will be asked to join the class and learn some new skills along the way.  There will be no fee charged for adult helpers.  Adult helpers are asked to coordinate their participation with the course coaches  For more details contact

Each participant’s coursework and volunteer hours will be logged for service time to be used by the student for high school and university requirements.

Location: Mt. Spokane State Park Nordic ski area

Cost: $80 per Ranger plus supplies (see below). Family must have Spokane Nordic membership (see link at top of page). Memberships start at $60.

Dates: Saturdays in January and February, including assisting with Nordic Kids Olympics January 18.

Time: 9:00 am to noon.

Class limit: 12 youth

Registration Deadline: December 15 ($30 additional charge is added if registering between Dec 15-Jan 4th)

Tuition assistance

A limited number of tuition assistance grants are available if your family is having difficulty with the class fees. You can download a financial aid application form here.

Sessions (subject to change)
  • Back-country skiing techniques: self-rescue and basic Telemark turning and speed control

  • Knowing the environment: reading the snow and weather, being prepared and being safe

  • Knowing your equipment: preparing the skis, dressing for the day out and emergency repairs

  • Way-finding navigation: knowing where you are and how to get to where you want to go

  • Nutrition & hydration: fueling your body appropriately, back country kitchens and food preparation

  • Emergency shelters

  • Basic First-aid: an introduction to knowing what and what not to do

Materials/ Supplies to obtain:
  • Loud signal whistle to be worn at all times

  • 10 essentials: Map (supplied), Headlamp with extra batteries, Sun protection, First aid kit (including foot care), Shelter (Mylar reflective sheet of bivvy sack), Extra food, Extra water, Extra clothing (socks, packable insulated jacket), Waterproof matches & tinder, compass with adjustable declination (optional), Small knife, Duct or Fiber reinforced tape.

  • Classic Nordic skis (wax-less fish scales or traction devices are encouraged)

  • Back country touring ski poles (fixed or collapsible)

  • water bottle (1 liter +)

  • Gaiters for skiing off groomed trail

  • Small backpack with breast strap (hip belt optional), with room to stow layered clothing (we start out cold; then as the morning progresses, we heat up and shed layers).

Questions? email