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New Skiers Guide

A Beginner's First Stop When Getting Started


Whether someone is new to Mt Spokane or completely new to nordic skiing, SNSA's New Skier Guide was built to answer all of their questions.

SNSA's New Skier Guide sees roughly 1,000 unique visitors every year. Unsurprisingly, almost all of these visitors are new to the sport and typically looking for advice about parking passes and gear.

Who the Service Reaches

If your business rents or sells nordic equipment, sponsoring our New Skier Guide is a great way to attract lifelong customers at the beginning of their skiing journey.

Reasons to Sponsor This Service

Email if you'd like to sponsor this event!


Printing Costs

Website Fees

Advertising Expenses

Videographer Fees

Coach/Educator Fees

Filming Permits

Your Sponsorship of These Offerings Helps SNSA Offset the Costs of

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