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Typical Event Details

Check-in (in Selkirk Lodge): 10:30-11:00

Mandatory Participant Meeting: 11:00

Volunteer Meeting: 11:15 (inside Selkirk)

Start: 12:00  (Order: 1. Two-dog 2. One-dog 3. Junior Division 4. "Guess Your Time” Fun Run last


Food available to all participants and volunteers in the lodge after the race



$20 first event

$10 per event, per person thereafter



2-dog (6.5k)

1-dog (6.5k)

Junior (up to 16 years of age) (6.5k)

“Guess your time” Fun Run (4.4k)

In this event, each human/dog team guesses how long it will take them to run the 4.4-mile course.  The person who guesses the closest to their actual time wins.  No watches or timing devices are allowed.  


One dog may race in up to 2 different events

4.4k Course
Start/Finish: Linder Ridge (near Selkirk lodge)

Linder to Art's Alders

R on Art's Alders to Hemlock

L on Hemlock to J4 *

R at J4 to J3**

at J3, R on Lodgepole to J2

through J2 to Alpine to J1

 J1 → Linder → Finish

6.5k course, insert

L at J4 on Raven's Glide

Raven’s Glide to J5

Shady Way to J4**

** continue on 4.4k course


Not ready to race?  Please volunteer! 

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