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2024 Barkerbeiner: March 10
Every year, dozens of skiers and dogs gather in the Mt Spokane State Park Nordic Ski Area to compete in a variety of skijoring races at SNSA's Barkerbeiner.
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Typical Event Details

10:30-11:00: Check-in (in Selkirk Lodge)

11:00: Mandatory Participant Meeting

11:15: Volunteer Meeting

12:00: Overall Start  

Race Order

1. Two-dog

2. One-dog

3. Junior Division

4. "Guess Your Time” Fun Run

The exact start times are based on the total number of participants and will be given out during the mandatory participant meeting at 11:00.



$20 first event

$10 per event, per person thereafter

Free skijor-specific loaner gear will be available on race day: belt, bungee, and dog harness



2-dog (6.5k)

1-dog (6.5k)

Junior (up to 16 years of age) (6.5k)

“Guess your time” Fun Run (4.4k)

In this event, each human/dog team guesses how long it will take them to run the 4.4-mile course.  The person who guesses the closest to their actual time wins.  No watches or timing devices are allowed.  


One dog may race in up to 2 different events

The course will be clearly marked

4.4k Course
Start/Finish: Linder Ridge (near Selkirk lodge)

Linder to Art's Alders

R on Art's Alders to Hemlock

L on Hemlock to J4 *

R at J4 to J3**

at J3, R on Lodgepole to J2

through J2 to Alpine to J1

 J1 → Linder → Finish

6.5k course, insert

L at J4 on Raven's Glide

Raven’s Glide to J5

Shady Way to J4**

** continue on 4.4k course


Not ready to race?  Please volunteer!

A Partner Event of

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Washington State Parks Color Shield 2013

Sponsored by

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