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Never Skied in the Mt Spokane State Park Nordic Area?

This checklist will help you plan your trip and arrive with confidence

Parking pass

You will need the Seasonal Non-Motorized Permit/Special Groomed Sticker Combo ​($120) or a daily permit ($25).
These can be purchased by clicking the button below and printing your reciept.

You do not need a discover pass in addition to the Sno-Park Passes between Dec. 1 and March 31 for winter rec activities.  No parking fee for the downhill Ski area.


We suggest renting or buying used when you're first getting started. Classic gear is best for beginners.

Ski & Pole sizing chart HERE.


Kids Lessons ages 5-12

Development Team ages 10-18

Race Team ages 13+

Adult Lessons

Skijor Lessons

clothing recomendations

The clothing suggested below is geared toward the relaxed skier. If you tend to push yourself a little harder on the trail, you may want to move toward slightly lighter clothing, but keep in mind that winter in the mountains can mean quickly-changing conditions.

Wear wool or synthetic materials.  Avoid cotton shirts, socks, and jeans. 

Wear layers to adapt to different conditions if out for a long ski.

Long Underwear: Tops and bottoms are recommended. They should be made of polypropylene, Capilene, polyester, nylon, or wool. Avoid cotton.

Bring extra gloves, especially for children. 

Wear breathable layers/jackets if skiing vigorously.  Rain jackets and shells will cause a buildup of humidity and saturate your base layers from the inside.

For a more in-depth article on what to wear while Nordic Skiing check out this article from REI.

Food & WAter

Bring a quart (or more) of water, snacks, sunscreen, lip balm.

first aid locations

There are several self/first aid sleds marked on our map HERE. 

best beginner trails

The green trails on our map indicate easier trails. 

​Linder Ridge to Junction 1 is 0.5K: relatively flat and wide.  Great place to practice, but heavily used.

Linder Ridge from Junction 1 to Junction 6 is 2.8K: Out and back would take about 1-1.5 hours.

Learning Area: Just up of the Selkirk Lodge is a great place to practice skills & drills. 

Valley View and Mt View from Selkirk to Junction 1 are both about 0.5K: offers a chance to descend a hill and turn around and climb up a hill

Junction 1 is a wide-open place to practice skills and drills.

Nova Hut: Every beginner should make it a goal to get to the Nova Hut! Vault toilets are available and there are multiple ways to get there. The easiest is Linder Ridge to Sam's Swoop or Blue Jay to Lodgepole to Junction 3, keep to the right, and Nova Hut up the hill.  Once there, Abner's Way is a 0.9K very flat trail, out and back.

Hint: Screenshot this list to use later in case you don't have service on the mountain.


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