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Spokane Nordic Seeks Assistant Coaching Staff
Race Team Assistant Coach - Transition Team Coach
2022-2023 Ski Season 


The Spokane Nordic Ski Association (SNSA) seeks an enthusiastic and knowledgeable individual to assist the Race Team Head Coach for the 2022-2023 race season. The Assistant Coach will support the Race Team through late summer and fall dryland training, winter training sessions, and race weekends throughout the Pacific Northwest.  The Assistant Coach will be responsible for coordinating with the Race Team Head Coach to staff dryland and on-snow team training sessions, prepare and carry out race preparations and logistics, and support the Race Team at local, regional and national-level races. Anticipated average of  8-15 hours per week, depending on season. 


The ideal candidate has college/elite racing experience and/or biathlon experience. The Assistant Coach will bring an enthusiastic and consistent work ethic to creatively impart cross-country ski training and racing to junior racers aged 12-18 in the Spokane area.

Job duties and qualifications will include, but not be limited to:

  • Supporting the Head Coach in carrying out practice planning and race  support. 

  • Monitoring and implementing weekly/yearly training plans with athletes. 

  • Assisting junior racers at all practices to impart physiological and technical training knowledge.

  • Traveling with athletes to approximately five regional races and Nationals and providing race support at these venues.

  • Applying outstanding waxing and technical race logistic knowledge. 

  • Assisting with operation and maintenance of the team-owned van. 

  • Completing all certifications and courses as a USSS Member in good standing with Cross Country Coach  credentials, Safe Sport training and background check completed. 


Term: Initial term of September 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023, with option to start in summer of 2022 to assist at a  dryland training camp.  

Payment: Pay scale negotiable based on experience and availability for initial term, starting at a low-end $5,000 base pay for the season.

To Apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to 



SNSA seeks an enthusiastic and fun-loving individual as a winter Transition Team Coach, leading the “T-Team” on-ski sessions on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the winter.

With up to 20 young skiers participating per session throughout the season, the T-Team is focused on guiding young skiers in the 8 -13 year old range during the transition from SNSA’s robust Nordic Kids program to the older, competition-focused Race Team. The T-Team provides a creative combination of fun recreational outings with an introduction to racing and training principles aimed toward building a lifelong love and participation in the sport, whether participants choose to continue toward competitive racing or not. This program helps young skiers experience the joy of nordic skiing while building the knowledge and foundation that will allow participation in long-term racing and training opportunities. 

The T-Team Coach will be responsible for scheduling ski sessions, coaching these sessions, coordinating with assistants and parent volunteers, and communicating with skiers and parents in between weekend sessions by providing written and photo updates. Anticipated average of 6-10 hours per week.

Essential tasks include:

  • Creating a positive environment to foster a lifelong love for the sport of Nordic skiing.

  • Fostering an inclusive and cohesive team dynamic among skiers, parents and volunteers.

  • Guiding 8-13 year-old athletes through a winter of regular skiing, coordinating weekend sessions and defining appropriate session goals.

  • Attending and coaching at a minimum of 2 JNQ races, including Spokane Nordic Cup JNQ and an additional travel JNQ in the Pacific Northwest region, travel expenses reimbursed. 

  • Assisting T-Team skiers with equipment and wax preparation, start schedule and race preparation. Additional local races may be included at the coordinator’s discretion.

  • Communicating with skiers and their parents, including weekly emails regarding training location, schedule and priorities for each age group

  • Guiding skiers with a technique focus, using knowledge of classic and skate techniques with the ability to communicate technique.

  • Providing timely and clear communications with skiers and parents, including weekly emails regarding session location, schedule, and focus.

  • Maintaining T-Team gear and equipment.

  • Recruiting T-Team members through outreach to the Nordic Kids program and families.

  • Completing USSA SafeSport training prior to first T-Team session and maintaining a current Driver’s License and CPR/First Aid Certification.


Term: Initial term of November 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023. 


Payment: Pay scale negotiable based on experience and availability, starting at $3,500 base pay for the season.


To Apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to 


About Spokane Nordic 

The Spokane Nordic Ski Association (SNSA) is a community nordic program and race team based at Mt. Spokane,  Washington which involves children, families and teenage racers as part of the USSA Pacific Northwest Ski Association.  With up to 20 young skiers participating per season, the SNSA Race Team is focused on guiding skiers in the 12-18 year old  range to racing success in Pacific Northwest Ski Association and National races, fostering appreciation and enjoyment of  nordic skiing in a supportive community while providing the tools, knowledge and experience for competitive success. 

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