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If you have misplaced gear up at the Mt. Spokane Cross-Country Ski Park, or it just disappeared -- or if you accidentally brought home something that wasn't yours at the beginning of the day (it happens to the best of us) -- post it here. Send an email to and provide title for listing (5 words or less); when it happened; contact email; and other information you feel important. Cancellation of listings is also done by emailing

Send no more than 2 photos per listing
Keep photos to 300KB or less
Horizontal photos work best. Vertical photos will be automatically trimmed.
For best results, do not edit the dimensions (aspect ratio) of the photo.

*NOTE: Items left in the Selkirk Lodge are frequently left in the lost and found box.

LOST: Fischer classic race skis

David Miner: 2069201488

Fischer classic race skis, last seen at the JNQ

The skis are an older model and, if memory serves, a 176cm, though possibly a few centimeters shorter. They may have been accompanied by a pair of Swix poles. 

LOST: Men’s Skies and poles

509-981-0204 or 509-290-3286. Please leave a message as we don’t answer unknown calls. Or

2/26/2022 - went into the lodge for 5 minutes or less. Rosignol skis and poles gone when we came back.  Please return.  New to skiing!  

LOST: Ski Boots

Todd at 208-301-8634

brand new ski boots in Selkirk lodge the weekend of January 8th. They are black and a size 12 or 13

LOST: Ski Goggles

Dropped ski goggles near lodge bar entrance on ski racks. 1/15

Lost: Apple Airpods

Adrien Mulawka: 505-280-9066

Likely lost in the parking lot by Selkirk. It has part of a green sticker mostly rubbed off on one side.

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