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Skijoring (a Scandinavian word meaning “ski-drive”) with dogs is becoming a popular winter sport among those who enjoy exercising with their pooch.  Skijoring is a team sport where both dog and human work together to cover distance on the trail, so whether you own a 20 lb Corgi or a 140 lb Bernese Mt Dog, skijoring is an excellent way to enjoy the groomed trails on Mt. Spokane.



Skijoring is only allowed on these groomed trails at Mt. Spokane State Park:

Linder Ridge 


Lower Tripps

Upper Tripps (uphill only)
Signs are posted at the relevant intersections


Skijoring is allowed Sunday-Thursday after 12:00 pm and all day on Wednesday


Dogs must be on a harness and attached to the human skier at all times. A dog leashed on a collar and running with a skier is not allowed.

Dog owners are responsible to ski under control and keep their dogs under control at all times. 

When meeting and/or passing other skiers, the skier and the dog must be together on the same side of the trail.

Dog owners must pick up and carry out dog waste.



January 15th and 29th, 2023


Learn to skijor with your furry friend in a fun, 2 hour, paws-on-snow clinic in the Mt Spokane State Park Nordic Ski area. In this clinic, you'll learn Skijor trail etiquette while teaching your dog to pull, stop, and pass other teams safely.


In order to participate in the skijor clinic, you should be an intermediate Nordic skier or better, meaning you are comfortable on your skis and are able to ski easy hills and out of the set tracks.  It also helps to be comfortable on less-than-perfect grooming, as conditions vary on the day of the clinic and skijoring with your dog will inevitably pull you off balance.


Dog harness fitting

Clinic inside Selkirk Lodge (masks required)

Retrieve dogs from car; put on gear; meet at the start of Linder

On snow portion of clinic


Skijor gear (an adjustable dog harness, tug-line, and belt for the human) is provided at all skijoring clinics, but it is also available for rent from the Fitness Fanatics trailer at the Selkirk Lodge. $10 a day, Sundays only.


Contact Richard Kier at

If there are no classes available, fill out the form below to get contacted when new ones open up!


Skijoring is more than a great way to exercise yourself and your pet.  For some people, the sport becomes an unrivaled passion. Here is a great video of how far you can actually go in the sport.

If you have questions about skijoring and skijor events, or would like to connect with other skijorers, email Kate Burns at  

Join Skijor Spokane on Facebook.

***If you’re interested in learning more about skijoring but live in Central or Western Washington, please contact Karen Behm at or go to***

SNSA, Spokane's Nordic skiers, and their four-legged friends all appreciate your support!
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Frequently Asked Questions


How many dogs can I bring to the clinic?

One individual may bring up to two dogs, however, we suggest that when learning how to skijor, humans should start with one dog.  The $25 registration fee is per human-dog team.


Can I bring other family members?

Yes, we encourage family members to attend the clinic together.  The $25 registration fee covers the one human-dog team, no matter how many humans attend to learn about the sport.


Do I classic or skate ski while skijoring?

You can either classic or skate ski when skijoring. Traditionally (and competitively), humans skate ski behind their dogs, but when learning, classic skiing works great too.


Does my dog have to wear booties?

No, your dog does not have to wear booties for the clinic.  Booties will be covered during the informational off-snow portion of the clinic.


Do I have to pick up my dog’s poop?

Yes, at Mt. Spokane State Park’s Nordic ski area, you are required to pick up all dog feces immediately and carry it with you on the trail.  Therefore, we suggest that you attend the clinic with a fannypack or backpack and carry lots of strong dog poop bags (old bread bags work well).  

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