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Daily Conditions Reports and Web Cam

View of Learning Area and Brian's Hill from Selkirk Lodge. Refresh browser for most current image.

These reports are created by volunteers to give you information on ski conditions.

Only the 7 most recent reports are shown.

George M

Last 2 days have had great grooming, with firm morning conditions, softening by late morning except in shady areas. There were several dozen cars in the lot during the day and people enjoying the end of the season.


The good news is that with a recent grant, grooming may continue through end of May! MSSP is swapping out the normal tiller for one from the Peone Prairie here's a link: Be aware this "corduroy" is a bit more pronounce but alleviates the need for classic tracks.


This will coincide with the start of our pilot evening only "Moose Skijoring" program which will start on Linder Ridge and traverse though the brush both above and below the original trail, ending at Junction 27. Then, starting in June, construction will start on the new elevator in the Selkirk Lodge to allow better access to the 2 sub-basements with the hot tubs, spas, and restaurant.







Happy April 1 everyone.

George M

Another nice day. 9am, 1C,(34F), no wind, fog quickly clearing to high clouds and sunshine. 7 cars, 42% Subaru.


Light dusting of snow, very good grooming for both skating and classic. Snow a bit slow, snowfall from trees again as temperatures warmed up. About 3 dozen cars in lot by noon. Looking forward to a repeat tomorrow-State grooming though Monday (Sunday night).

George M

At 12:15, it was 1C (34F), sunshine and big clouds, light wind. Lot clear, road good some mud between Selkirk lots, 9 cars 33% Subaru.


There was 2-3 inches of new snow but good grooming on top of that. Deck was a bit soft, good classic tracks, slow conditions for all skiers. No organic debris but sun was melting the snow on tree branches giving unexpected showers to unsuspecting skiers. Plenty of moose tracks on Linder, no eye-glasses seen on Mica. Clouds came in and finished with some light snow. A beautiful day.




Tim Ray

Conditions today were pretty much the same as yesterday. 28*f at 9:30 and 32*f at 1300. about 1-1/2 inch of new snow covering the trail debris and a very hard deck. 9 cars in the lot only 1 subaru but 2 fords :) The skied in classic tracks were good except for the places skated into. If anyone finds a pair of prescription glasses on Mica please pick them up and leave them on the lost and found table. Enjoy the skiing while you can!

George M

At 13:30 it was -2C (29F), very cloudy, no wind, fresh snow in parking lot and on trails, snow on road from hairpin up to saddle. 12 cards, 8% Subaru.


No grooming and all trails had about 1" new snow from this morning, covering all debris. Below that, deck was firm and skating took effort. Classic skiers had a hint of track, better when others broke trail but doable. Clouds cleared and sunshine came out later just starting to melt the fresh snow on the trees.


Had a good workout,

I hope for grooming tonight

sun smiled on my face.

George M

At 10:00, sunny sky, no wind, clear lot, road up clear. 10 cars 40% Subaru.


Grooming again was excellent. Morning revealed firm, slightly crusty conditions giving way to softer surface as the day progressed. Firm deck for skating was best in the early morning when you could get a good bite but long glides. Classic track mostly good, slight irregularities did little to impede the glide. Fur skis worked great, scales also OK. Moderate organic debris under some trees required attention, minimal tree snow/ice fall.


As it warmed and clouded up a bit in the afternoon, conditions remained really good, and if this was a couple months earlier, many more people would be here. Pardon the repeat but if there is grooming tonight, tomorrow should again be stellar. The bikes and yardwork can wait; make the most of your snow-park pass and come ski!

George M

Today at 11:45, blue sky, no wind, 10C (51F). Road clear, lot has a few mud areas, 24 cars, 46% Subaru.


The grooming was incredible today and area not too busy for a Sunday. Skaters loved the faster morning deck which softened a bit by noon. Classic tracks were still good on Linder, Mica, etc. and no-wax kick skis worked very well in the T-shirt and no-glove weather. The Raynaud's support group was very pleased! No tree snow but mild/moderate organic debris below some areas. The conditions are still excellent and really worth the drive up.

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