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Daily Conditions Reports and Web Cam

View of Learning Area and Brian's Hill from Selkirk Lodge. Refresh browser for most current image.

These reports are created by volunteers to give you information on ski conditions.

Only the 7 most recent reports are shown.

George M

It has been a fantastic season both snow and grooming. Now it's time to roll up your sleeves and help clear trails this summer. Families are welcome and there is plenty for all help out. Date will be:

June 10th

June 25th

July 15th

July 23rd

September 9th

September 24th

October 14th

October 29th


Check back at this site or the SNSA Facebook page.


See you on the mountain!

George M

At 12:10, road up and parking clear, 3 cars, 0% Subaru. +1C (34F), light wind, cloudy with occasional sunshine.


Nice grooming this morning with fairly fast trails. Snow still cold with mild organic debris, heavier under the trees. Deck firm with softer spots in sun exposed areas, good smooth comb. Classic tracks well set but marginal in freeze/thaw area on Mica Rd between J6 and Ridge Run.


Really a nice treat this time of year to be able to ski like this. Remember to show your Discover pass in your car; Selkirk lodge now locked most days.

George M



He will do mostly upper trails and Linder/Mica as possible. Think about getting up there one last time folks and show your support!

George M

Selkirk Lodge will be lock between 7:30 pm and 6::30 am soon, so plan accordingly.

George M

At 12:30, road up and parking lot clear, 13 cars, 31% Subaru. +3C (38F), no wind, big clouds breaking up and letting the sun come through.


Trails were groomed night before last, still in good shape as the snow softened. Occasional organic debris, no icefall, deck still mostly firm and classic tracks holding up well.


Precipitation tomorrow, hopefully snow. I have heard there may be some Big Grooming tomorrow night so Saturday might be really good. Check the Ginge report Sat morning for details-don't put those skis away yet!

George M

On April 3, 12:30 pm road up was clear, parking easy, 6 cars, 0% Subaru. -1C (30F), no wind, many clouds with occasional sun breakthrough.


While no grooming last night, conditions are still fantastic! A thin skim of snow did not cover the previous grooming and it felt like a calm February day. Deck was mostly firm with a few soft spots; classic tracks were firm and consistent along Linder and Mica Rd. Few areas of tree debris from squirrels; no icy spots. Worth the drive up today.


We may have some more grooming towards the end of the week depending on personnel and conditions, stay tuned!


32 degrees at 11am. 60% cloud cover, mixed with generous periods of sunshine and blue sky. 50 cars in the lot, and plenty of happy skiers out on the trails. The grooming is fresh, skate deck about just right, tracks are smooth. Really couldn't ask for a more perfect day, especially in April!


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