Daily Conditions Reports and Web Cam

View of Learning Area and Brian's Hill from Selkirk Lodge. Refresh browser for most current image.

These reports are created by volunteers to give you information on ski conditions.

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George M

Lot clear, minimal mud, easy to find a parking space. Clear skies with sun, no wind, no crowds. Lodge closed and no grooming for 3 weeks. Trails have moderate to heavy debris depending on tree coverage. No tracks. Conditions a bit icy at 08:30 despite timperature in the 40's, some softening by 11 on the south exposed slopes but still firm. Easier conditions later in the day when things soften.


Watch for turkeys on the drive up, many on the road. Nice day to be out!

George M

We were just informed that grooming will go through Saturday, April 3.

Jennifer H

Winter is still here -- great to be out skiing today! It was cloudy and the air temperature was around freezing, and our Nordic area got dumped on with new snow the past few days. The grooming packed it somewhat, but the skate deck and poling areas were soft. Many classic skiers had trouble with icing up, so apply some de-icer and carry a scraper.


Grooming officially runs through Wed night 3/31.

George M

At 09:30 temp was 29 F, clouds and fog, light flurries in the wind. Trails were well groomed with occasional debris. Firm deck with small icy balls but able to get good skating bite into the surface. Outer trails were a little softer in shaded areas not exposed to the thaw/freeze conditions. Good track setting and overall very good grooming. Less flurries farther out with sun breaking through, but still a little wind in exposed areas. Skiing is still great, this will be the last week of grooming so come on up!


Excellent day for skiing! An inch or two of fresh snow from yesterday gave the groomer something to work with, and it turned out really nice. Good for skate and for classic. The sun was partially obscured and the temperatures remained cool enough to keep the ski surface consistent and not too warm, and least at noon when I left.

George M

Thursday, March 4, 10:30 was a very sunny day with thin high clouds and minimal wind. Temperture was already in the mid 40's F with a wet muddy parking lot and about 20 cars. Groomed trails were fantastic with only occasional debris. Deck was firm but NOT icy with good ski bite. Tracks alternated from cold and firm to soft and firm with consistent medium glide. Grooming quality was excellent on Linder, Outer Limits, and Upper Tripps. Even on Mica from Junction 9 to 7 was excellent despite not being groomed for 2 days. Trails were a bit faster earlier in the day, but snow held up well. Next few days could be good!


Another beautifully sunny day. Conditions started out excellent, but became more and more variable as the temperatures warmed the sunny spots. Still fast in the shade, but slower, wet, and softer in the sun.