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View of Learning Area and Brian's Hill from Selkirk Lodge. Refresh browser for most current image.

These reports are created by volunteers to give you information on ski conditions.

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Quartz Mountain weather station

Many skiers check the Quartz Mountain snow gauge regularly. If you're one of those people, you may have noticed that it stopped reporting during the windstorm about 10 days ago. Also, if you look at the weather forecast for the ski area, the current conditions on the page (which come from that same weather station) are stuck at 30 degrees.The National Weather Service local office is aware of the problem.


Hopefully, it will get fixed soon. In the meantime, here are some useful links:


Partly sunny skies, calm, temperatures in the upper 20s. A thin layer of frost on the trails. Conditions largely similar to yesterday, except the trails are worn smoother and skiied over. Fast firm skate deck.

Jennifer H

There may be fog and clouds down in the valley today, but up at the ski area it is a beautiful clear day, around 28 degrees at 10am. The parking lot had only a few cars at 8; by 10 it was getting busy, maybe 2/3 full with more arriving in a stream.


The snow was fast and firm but fine for control, so the skating was excellent. There was a thin layer of frost over the grooming, and my classic skis (crown pattern base track skis) lost kick in the steeper areas, but it was still good classic skiing. The debris from last week is mostly either removed, ground up, or churned under. Classic skiers, as usual: watch out for branches sticking into the trail.

January 15, 2021 Report from State Parks

Mt Spokane folks….. Go skiing. I’m shocked to be saying that given the storm we just had and how the trails looked a couple of days ago.

We had a group of Rockstar volunteers out on the trails cleaning up for us and they did amazing things. All their hard work allowed me the chance to jump in the groomer and let me tell ya, I was shocked at the quality of groom that machine laid down tonight. Now yes, there’s still a lot of small debris out there, but the trees are cleared and I was able to rob a lot of the snow from the banks to put a nice clean layer over the top of that junk. For you classic skiers that’s why the track sets a bit further over than usual. Surprisingly, we also managed some nice clean track sets and corduroy so the skiing should be pretty sweet tomorrow if you can get out and beat the weekend crowd.

There are some exceptions though, the more southern trails are still messy. Silver, Valley View twin Lakes, Sam’s Swoop and Blue Jay are kind of a mess, no snow to rob and tons of woody debris. With that said most of Linder Ridge, Lodgepole, Alpine, Moose Meadows, Wild Moose, Outer Limits (except the treed section near Mica) Buckland, Eagle Crest and Shadow Mountain are really good. So get out there and enjoy the day.

Jennifer H

Here is a short version of the State Parks report from this morning (you can always download the report from the Grooming & Weather page on this web site):


Due to the rain and high winds the past few days, the conditions are not good today and State Parks staff advises not coming up to ski today. About half of the trails were cleared of downed trees by 2 state parks staff last night, but there are still more trees and debris on many trails. The snow was very wet at the beginning of the evening, and then froze into a solid sheet of bumpy ice with branches and debris frozen to it. Staff and volunteers will be working to get the trail system back into skiable conditions as soon as possible.

Jennifer H

In case you are reading this page and did not look at this morning's State Parks grooming report, here is what was posted. (As a reminder, you can download the daily grooming report on the Grooming & Weather page on this spokanenordic.org web site.)




Good Morning Mt. Spokane Nordic Skiers. While there was no grooming tonight as it’s a scheduled day off I wanted to use this platform to urge you to exercise extreme caution before going skiing. We are expecting high winds and warm temps over the next couple of days and with history as our guide this is a recipe for a mess out on the trails. Winds in the 30’s are supposed to start Tuesday and gusting around 50. Wednesday we’re expecting gusts up to 70 mph. So if you’re reading this, please check the weather report before coming up and risking going out. Hopefully the forecast is incorrect. As soon as it’s safe to do so we’ll be doing our best to get out there and clear trails up, please be patient. Here’s a link to check for weather conditions:


Jennifer H

The snow was firm today but not icy, making for excellent skate and classic  skiing. Overcast skies, right around freezing, with a few flakes of snow falling here and there. Hazards: debris in places, and brush poking into the classic tracks in places. The parking lot was about 2/3 full between 11 and 1.