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Ski Teams/MSP Login Page

The Ski Teams / Masters Ski Program is a private social media forum that allows leaders and members to communicate clearly and quickly about group activities. To join or view the forum, you must be a parent/guardian or registered member of the Transition Team, Race Team, Cross-Train Ski Team or Masters Ski Program (MSP).

To Sign Up For the Forum the First Time:

1. If you're a member of one of the youth ski teams or the Masters Ski Program, sign up through the login button above and to the right. If you're already approved, use the button to sign in.

2. If you have not already requested permission to view the forum, register to join using the email address that was used for your membership. (If you have already been approved in the past, this is your login portal.)

3. Your request will go to the site administrator for approval. It may take up to 12-18 hours for the approval to process, although it's usually quicker.

Once you have been approved:

Once you have been verified as a member of a ski team or the Masters Ski Program, you will receive a confirmation email and the Ski Teams/MSP Forum page will appear in the TEAMS drop-down menu of this website's main navigation menu bar a long as you stay logged in.

You will need to log in every time you visit this website if you wish to view or contribute to the forum.

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