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Champions Gala

Ski Team Families Gather to Celebrate the Season

The Champions event is the pre-season celebration where SNSA members, coaches, teammates and parents gather to celebrate individual accomplishments and the team's overall success.

Awards & Prizes


Food & Drinks

Venue Space

Gifts for Volunteers and Instructors

Where the Money Goes

The Champions event typically draws 100-200 attendees. This includes athletes, their parents, and SNSA faithfuls.

Who the Event Reaches

Non-Monetary Needs

Raffle and Auction Items

Venue space


Alcohol or other drinks

Awards for athletes

Donated venue space, catering, alcohol, or prizes can all make a huge difference to this event - while leaving a big impression of some of SNSA's most dedicated members and donors.

Reasons to Sponsor This Event

Email if you'd like to sponsor this event!

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