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Annual Newsletter

The Only Reading Material Mt Spokane's Lodges and Huts

December 2022 - April 2023

This new offering is sure to catch the eye of the thousands of skiers that filter through the lodges and warming huts. SNSA's newsletter will feature nordic ski tips, information about SNSA's programs, and a prominent "Thank You" to its sponsor.

Thousands of skiers from all over the Inland Northwest pass through Mt Spokane's lodges and warming huts every winter.

Who the Service Reaches

The majority of Mt Spokane's lodges and warming huts have little to no cell service. This stimulation-free environment leaves skiers eager for any reading material they can get their hands on.

Reasons to Sponsor This Service

Email if you'd like to sponsor this event!


Printing Costs

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Coach/Educator Fees

Filming Permits

Your Sponsorship of These Offerings Helps SNSA Offset the Costs of

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