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Selkirk Monitor

The Selkirk Lodge Is One of the Most Visited Spots on Mt Spokane

December 2022-April 2023

Every winter, thousands of Inland Northwest locals funnel through the Selkirk Lodge to warm up, eat a snack, or meet with friends. SNSA is now accepting sponsors for the educational content that plays continuously on a large tv.

Hundreds of local skiers cycle through the Selkirk Lodge every day and thousands pass through at least once each season. Sponsoring content on the Selkirk lodge is an easy way to catch their eye and cast your business in a positive light.

Who the Service Reaches

The tv monitor is one of the only forms of entertainment for the majority of the lodge's users. Most people pop in for a quick snack and warm-up, so the tv easily draws their attention in an otherwise stimulation-free environment.

Reasons to Sponsor This Service

Email if you'd like to sponsor this event!


Printing Costs

Website Fees

Advertising Expenses

Videographer Fees

Coach/Educator Fees

Filming Permits

Your Sponsorship of These Offerings Helps SNSA Offset the Costs of

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