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Educational Videos

Educational Content for SNSA's Website and the Selkirk TV


Partnering with SNSA to create educational content is a great way to give back to your community, while creating content that will bring attention to your brand for years to come.

SNSA promotes its new content to thousands of Inland Northwest locals. After the initial release, are made available to members and run continuously on the Selkirk Lodge tv monitor.

Who the Service Reaches

Out of all of SNSA's sponsorable offerings, this option has the longest shelf-life. If you want to contribute to a project that will benefit the community and spread brand awareness for 5-10 years, this is the option for you.

Reasons to Sponsor This Service

Email if you'd like to sponsor this event!


Printing Costs

Website Fees

Advertising Expenses

Videographer Fees

Coach/Educator Fees

Filming Permits

Your Sponsorship of These Offerings Helps SNSA Offset the Costs of

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