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Dozens of discounted lessons for hundreds of beginners

Date: January 14, 2024

Every year, 100-200 beginner and intermediate-level skiers gather at the Selkirk Lodge to kick off the upcoming ski season. SNSA provides dozens of lessons for kids and adults, a skijoring clinic, a treasure hunt, and a hot meal.

Where the Money Goes


Food & Drinks

Filming Permits

Gifts for Volunteers and Instructors

Prizes for Kids (Treasure Hunt)

Large Prize for Adult (Donut Race)

Food and Drinks

Various Swag/Merch

Volunteers (Valued at $15/hour)

Non-Monetary Needs

Beyond the 150-250 participants, publicity for this event is typically seen by no less than 7,000-8,000 Inland Northwest residents.

Who the Event Reaches

Winterfest is the only day all year that SNSA offers lessons to non-members. This means it's your best opportunity to catch the attention of brand-new skiers every year. 

Reasons to Sponsor This Event

SNSA's events are frequently covered by The Spokesman, The Inlander, OutThere Outdoors, and more. We hire a professional photographer/videographer for every event & post about them frequently on social media.

Associated Publicity

This event introduces new people to Nordic skiing, which for many, cultivates a life-long love of winter sports and the outdoors in general.

The lessons at this event are also discounted to $10, making the sport accessible to families of any income.

Lastly, through humorous competitions and a treasure hunt for kids, this event encourages camaraderie and reinforces hundreds of friendships in the Nordic skiing community.

Community Benefits

Email if you'd like to sponsor this event!

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