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Adult Lesson Instructors

Adult lessons are taught by a team of committed, seasoned, accredited instructors.
Steve Cole
Steve started skiing in high school in the 1960s, modifying downhill bindings to allow a free heel, then was introduced to Nordic skis in college. He says, "What I most like about teaching is giving people the opportunity to get out and enjoy the winter environment in a safe, fun sport. Each student has different goals in skiing. I work to first identify and then enable them to accomplish their goals."
Bob Hyslop
"My hope is that the individuals or group that I instruct will come away from our time together learning how to have a little more fun than they have already figured out. I started downhill skiing on Mt. Spokane as a young kid. In the late 1970s I started cross-country skiing and have never looked back. I thoroughly enjoy classic skiing or skate skiing and look forward to sharing my passion with you in either medium.”
George Momany
George has been Nordic skiing for over 45 years, and teaching for the last 20 years on Mt Spokane.  As an instructor of adults, he enjoys seeing students get more enthusiastic by feeling more comfortable, and more efficient on the snow.  "It's great to see a skier take 2 or 3 points away from a lesson, and incorporate that in their technique". 
Loni Olson-Ash
Loni says, "Nordic skiing sucked me in 30 years ago.  I love helping people get outside and be active: breathing fresh air, communing with nature, getting exercise, and interacting with friends.  I hope people will enjoy their time with me so much that they come back to ski often, bringing friends, improving their skills, and getting more fit."
lisa headshot 2.jpg
Lisa Sunderman
Lisa says, "It is my pleasure to coach students to master basics and sharpen their skills in both skate and classical technique. My goal is to have fun skiing outdoors in winter. I enjoy guiding beginners and experienced skiers and I am contantly thinking of skills and drills to teach. I love my volunteer job of Ski School Coordinator."
Dave Yadon
Dave says, "I have been Nordic, alpine and telemark skiing since college, almost 50 years! I thoroughly enjoy interacting and helping people, young and old, experience the joy of skiing. My goal is for people to have fun while they are working on whatever skiing goals they have."
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