Nordic Kids COVID-19 Planning

Spokane Nordic Ski Association and the Nordic Kids program directors will default to Washington State, Spokane County, and State Park guidance on whether we are able to safely run our program this year.  We will at the very minimum adhere to the Washington State ‘Phase’ approach.

We genuinely appreciate your patience as we all attempt to navigate these difficult times.


Decision Timeline
  • SNSA Board members approve plan no later than Nov 15th, 2020. The decision will be based on what phase Spokane County is in at the time of the decision.

  • The website will be able to enroll participants no later than December 15th, 2020.


  • Grooming is active.

    • If grooming is not active: See ‘phase 1’ plan. Instead of skiing, we’ll promote family-based outdoor activities.

  • Washington State Parks will allow limited to no lodge access for all or part of the scheduled Nordic Kids Season.

    • Lodge warming is an essential part of the Nordic Kids program and if we can’t offer the lodge as a refuge in times of inclement weather, then the Nordic Kids program cannot run effectively.


Nordic Kids Plan

If Spokane County is in Phase 1:
  • WA State Phase Guidance: Individual outdoor activities permissible but not group/organized sport.

  • Nordic Kids Plan:

    • Enroll online at a reduced cost of $15 (normal price is $80)​

    • Enrollment in “Distanced Nordic Kids” allows enrollees to receive the following:

      • Weekly email (Jan-Feb 2021) with a plan & guidance on how to get your family out skiing.

        • Links to youtube videos that are pre-screened by us that provide instruction & guidance to parents to teach their own children.

      • A Nordic Kids Shirt mailed to your residence.


If Spokane County is in Phase 2:
  • WA State Phase Guidance: “Recreation, sports and fitness: Outdoor recreation involving five or fewer people outside your household, camping (where open), beaches (where open).

  • Nordic Kids Plan:

    • See the phase 1 plan

    • Add:

      • Reservable lessons (no lodge) on Saturdays with start times at 9 am and 1 pm.

        • Limited availability.

        • Group size, including the instructor, is 5 or less.

      • $10 per student

      • Lessons will be approximately 2 hours in duration.

If Spokane County is in Phase 3:
  • WA State Phase Guidance: “Recreation, sports and fitness: Outdoor group recreational sports activities (50 or fewer people), recreational facilities at less than 25 percent capacity (gyms, public pools, etc.).”

  • Nordic Kids Plan:

    • See the Phase 2 plan.

If Spokane County is in Phase 4:
  • WA State Phase Guidance: “Recreation: Resume all recreational activity. Gatherings: Allow gatherings with greater than 50 people”

  • Nordic Kids Plan:

    • Assuming Selkirk Lodge will be available, the Nordic Kids program will run as normal.