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Perimeter Challenge

The Mt. Spokane Cross-Country Ski Park has expanded continuously since its pre-1982 ungroomed days. Take the Perimeter Challenge: ski the perimeters of the area as they developed over seasons, and train for the Spokane Nordic Challenge 20 / 30 / 50 km Loppet in March.

How to participate:

1. Map it: In the Selkirk Lodge on Mt. Spokane, take a look at the “Mt. Spokane Nordic Area Trail Growth” poster to see how our ski area has expanded over the years.

2. Be inspired! Get motivated!

3. Choose the “Highlights” challenge (8 Perimeters, spanning all years of area growth), or the “Full” challenge (all 13 Perimeters). Either way, the Perimeters range from 6.4 km to 26.6 km, mostly increasing in distance as our ski area gained more trails.

4. Take the Challenge! Sign up in the binder in Selkirk Lodge.

5. Start with the “Early Years” Perimeter. Follow the cue sheet (available in the Lodge) and maps to ski the Perimeter.

6. When you get back to the lodge, go back to the Perimeter Challenge binder and check off the Perimeter you skied. Add a note to the Reflections sheet for this Perimeter if you wish (in back of notebook). Use the lodge Wi-Fi to post a photo or comment on the Spokane Nordic Facebook page (or wait until you get home to do that).

7. Repeat steps 5-6 for each Perimeter in the Challenge you have chosen, until you've completed the entire Challenge.

8. Ski the Spokane Nordic Challenge Loppet event in March. You should be in great condition!


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