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Spokane Nordic Ski Club

Fun, Weekly Meet-Up for Adults of Any Experience Level

January-March 2023

The Spokane Nordic Ski Club is designed to be a group that gets together to ski, improve their skills & fitness, enjoy the outdoors, and make new, life-long friendships.


Food & Drinks

Where the Money Goes

This program is available to SNSA's 500+ members, ages 18 to 100. This group meets weekly at the Selkirk lodge and split off into groups based on skill levels and friendships. The majority of participants are between the ages of 40 and 80.

Who the Program Reaches

Non-Monetary Needs

Raffle Prizes for Participants

Food and Drinks

Guest Instructors

Gifts for Volunteers and Instructors

Besides individual adult lessons, this is SNSA's only program geared towards adults. This program is casual and inexpensive, so anything a sponsor contributes will be an exciting surprise for this group of dedicated skiers. This program is well-suited for a co-promotion is any sponsors want to team up to incentize new participants.

Reasons to Sponsor This Event

Your business will be thanked on promotional posters in the Selkirk lodge and in social media posts throughout the season. Any merch or prizes you donate to the group will also be seen all over the mountain throughout the season.

Associated Publicity

This activity enables adults of all ages to be active, make and build friendships, and get outdoors. The value of regular excercise and socialization throughout the cold, dark months of winter go far beyond reducing the impact of S.A.D.

Community Benefits

Email if you'd like to sponsor this event!


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