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Mt. Spokane Nordic Cup (JNQ)

2024 Mt. Spokane Nordic Cup

February 17-18, 2024



Race Formats:

February 17: 1.26K Skate Sprint Race 

February 18: 3/5/10K Classic Interval Start 


Saturday, February 17:

Skate Sprint Qualifier & Heats from Learning Area

King’s Court Sprint Format


Men U16, U18, U20: 1.26K Morning Qualifier and Heats

Women U16, U18, U20: 1.26K Morning Qualifier and Heats

Men U10; U12; U14: 1.26K Afternoon Qualifier and Heats

Women U10; U12; U14: 1.26K Afternoon Qualifier and Heats

Sunday, February 18:
Classic Distance Interval Start from Junction 1


U14 and Under: 3K

U16: 5K 

U18, U20: 10K


– Start & Finish at JCT 1

- Counterclockwise on Larch to JCT 2
- Silver to Eagle Crest, return on Alpine

- See MAPS


·     The WA State Sno-Park Permit is required to park at the Ski Park.

The cost is $25/day/vehicle.

Purchase Daily Permit or season pass HERE

Wax Restrictions and Recommendations

Per PNSA rules all skiers agree to use a non-fluorinated glide wax which will be announced by the race organizer.

The glide wax for (U16 and older NRL races) will be announced here prior to the race.


All other categories are also required to use non-fluorinated products and we expect all racers to stick to basic level products such as the Swix HS or PS (formerly CH) line or equivalent.

No fluorinated products are allowed in grip wax products (hard wax, klister, covers, etc.).  For more information on the fluorocarbon ban – including a list of non-fluorinated kick waxes and klisters – visit the US Skiing page on the subject.

If it is discovered that fluorinated products have been applied to an athlete’s skis (whether known or unknown to the athlete), the athlete will be subject to disciplinary action from US Ski and Snowboard.


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