Mt. Spokane Nordic Cup (JNQ)

2022 Mt. Spokane Nordic Cup

February 19-20, 2022



Race Formats:

February 19: 1.2K XCX Sprint  Races 

February 20: 5K Classic Interval Start MAPS

Saturday, February 19:

XCX Sprint Qualifier & Kings Court Heats from Learning Area


Men U16, U18, U20: 1.26K Morning 


Women U16, U18, U20: 1.26K Morning

Men U10; U12; U14: 1.26K Afternoon 

Women U10; U12; U14: 1.26K Afternoon

Sunday, February 20:

Classic Distance Interval Start from JCT 1


Men U16: 5K 

Men U18, U20: 10K


Women U16, U18, U20: 5K


– Start & Finish at JCT 1

- Counterclockwise on Larch to JCT 2
- Silver to Eagle Crest, return on Alpine

- See MAPS


·     The WA State Sno-Park Permit is required to park at the Ski Park.

Purchase Daily Permit or season pass HERE

·      In light of COVID 19, we do not recommend car-pooling.